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India Pale Ale

King of the craft beer revolution

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The IPA style dates back to the late1700's. English Brewers started building the basis for the style around existing ales but adding more hops. The exact reason for the additional hops and the "Originator" of the style are still up for debate. Some say the extra hops was a preservative necessary for the long trip to India.

But there were already porters shipping to India.  There are some examples out there of brewing recommendations that say for longer storage ales more hops should be added. But nobody can point to a specific brew or brewer who did so specifically at this advice although that is the generally accepted tale. Closer to the truth may be simply that a gentleman by the name of Hodgson who worked at a brewery quite close to the shipping docks got very lucky when he sent out a few barrels of October Ale (designed to age in the barrel for up to 2 years). Apparently the conditions of the transit coincidentally create a prime environment for the beer to age. What arrived in India tasted as good as if it had been aged the full 2 years under traditional methods. Hodgson quickly created a new name for the Ale. While he didn't "monopolize" the IPA as some tales tell he did control something in the neighborhood of 50% of the market in India at one point.

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